XADO Luxury Drive Black Edition 5W40

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XADO Luxury Drive Black Edition 5W40  – 4L

Product Description

This premium ultramodern synthetic oil with the AMC* (Atomic Metal Conditioners) synergetic formula and extended operational characteristics. Applied to passenger cars and light trucks.
*Overview of the Atomic Metal Conditioners 3 main components.
The XADO patented additive restores worn surfaces by forming a metal-ceramic layer at high pressure and temperature points.
Ensures ultra-light sliding between the engine parts and reduces friction losses to an absolute minimum.
Protects the engine from oil film breakage and thus additionally protects against wear.
– Effective for modern cars with high-powered engines, including those equipped with turbocharger, intercooling, direct injection, catalyst converter, as well as multivalve engines
– Manufactured according to mid SAPS technology and provides the increased service life of EG catalytic converters and particulate filters
– Long life oil, is used in engines with prolonged oil change intervals
– Prolongs the service life of units for additional purification of exhaust gases, keeps the engine perfectly clean
– Recommended for application in new engines for optimal run-in (without metal losses in form of shavings) and preserves its perfect condition during the whole operation period
– Due to the 2D sliding agent, considerably increases fuel economy, reduces friction losses, especially by engine start and at idle
– Specially adapted for operation at increased temperatures in LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) engines
– Increases compression in cylinders, engine power and acceleration capability

XADO Luxury Drive Black Edition 5W40  – 4L

Product Description

Xado Chemical Concern Philippines (Xado PH) has introduced into the country a line of synthetic oils that has the highest content of the brand’s famed “Revitalizant” formula that can revitalize engines.

The Black Edition oils has a “Revitalization Factor” of 33.3, which results in the surfaces of an engine that are subjected to friction to have smoother surfaces from a special action that binds ceramic nano particles and metal shavings from the engine, to the parts of the engine that are subjected to friction. The Black Edition forms part of the Xado Atomic Oil line-up.

“Xado Revitalizant, made up of a ceramic-metal alloy, are incorporated in the Xado Atomic oils to address metal imperfection that is the very issue of friction. It can be said then that this can be the only lubricant in the world that restores compression and maintains it for the longest possible,” said Marlo Colimbo, president of Xado PH.

He added Xado Atomic oils offer up to 160,000-kilometer oil change interval.

The premium-class Xado Black Edition oils also contain the best synthetic base oil, an ultra-modern additive package called EXPAO, as well as a bonus additive set called the 2D sliding agent.

EXPAО is an advanced synthetic additive package that helps to preserve main oil properties between oil changes under the most extreme of conditions. Meanwhile, the 2D sliding agent provides extremely easy sliding of parts which helps save fuel.

The most distinct component of the Xado Black Edition oils is the “1 Stage AR Revitalizant” that provides the following benefits: rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses metal wear; restores lost compression in cylinders; improves engine power and acceleration; reduces fuel consumption; restores oil pressure; double or triple the life of an engine; protects against damage from cold starts; and decreases toxic carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions.

Also, among the most noticeable benefits of using Xado Atomic oils is smoother engine operation and better acceleration.


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